Bach’s heavenly hopes

  • The Bach family at morning music practice. Bach is at the keyboard and the other family members are playing or singing.
  • 1526_570d2228a2cc68.11068115-big

    Trumpets so royal, tender bowed strings,

    Baroque composition, hard hearts sing;,

    choirs proclaim orderly soundscapes,

    strong-hearted chords salve many scrapes.


    Melodic prophet, bind our unravelling;

    we veer off, in vain circles travelling,

    so benevolent your well-tempered face

    cheering us on, putting pity in place.


    Ten babies buried, twenty were borne,

    scripture assured, Healer never scorned;

    surgeon botched operation, then blinded:

    one more test for you, biblically minded.


    Germany never left, your place of birth,

    heaven-hopeful songs heard on planet earth:

    countless Concertos, Cantatas, Masses,

    and simpler pieces learnt in piano classes.


    Affetto-inspired your Easter Passions

    tender those tunes in affliction fashioned;

    positive your music, causing devil to doubt

    you believed the Word, you lived it out,


    affetto or con affetto, a musical term that signifies with affect (that is, with emotion)




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