burning guitars wept

  • 1526_56dacd82c0f608.05395133-big

    shipwrecked sounds, electric storms sailed,

    burning guitars wept, feedback wailed:

    Haight Ashbury purple-haze deeply inhaled.

    mountain’s might defied, freak flag unfurled,

    black axe craftsman rocked an uptight world,

    sonic journeys taken, dreams dervish-whirled.

    shy eyes fret-focused, blurred concert aisles,

    Strat-stabbed songs, few self-satisfied smiles,

    pop shocked by gypsy clothes, Cherokee-style.

    blistering your chords, stereo-phased effects,

    Electric Ladyland experienced, psychedelic elect,

    off-prescription pills, ill-health slurred dialect.

    prematurely robbed, you choked on bile vomit

    trail-blazed dark skies, lit by crashing comet,

    – did heaven set you free, musical momot?


    momot = tropical American bird resembling a blue jay and having greenish and bluish plumage

    image: Gary Brown, Scottish illustrator, working in California, published in numerous comic books. http://www.garrybrownart.com


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