country scenes inspire

  • 1526_56b09ab9b10041.28386216-big

    rough rural roads walked, boot-steps slow,

    tree tops harp, belligerent wind blows,

    birds sideways-tossed, black scraps,

    precarious landing, worried wings flap.


    muddy cars, round blind-bend speeding,

    I pause on verge, safe space worth ceding;

    tramping onward, observe field and farm,

    many dwellings empty, shorn of charm.


    dogs defend yards, sheep bleat weakly,

    tall tractors trundle, donkeys bray meekly;

    banished benign sunshine, sky gloom-grey,

    rain holds rehearsal, home without delay.


    snug in kitchen before storm starts,

    forested mountain, cloud-capped in parts;

    lounging at long table, supping strong tea,

    all country scenes inspire praise poetry.


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