few of my year rejoice in reunion

  • few-in-my-year-rejoice-re-union

    Your high walls harboured me from harm,

    though unacademic the arts my balm;

    spartan-lunches schooled in justice,

    Quaked-soaked silence much trusted.


    O sweet those special girls adored,

    skidded those shiny parquet floors,

    I readily joined rowdy pillow fights,

    and illegal walks in early-dawn light.


    Long-anticipated supper dance,

    strobed music, surreptitious glances;

    grateful for those deserved detentions,

    gone bully name, no need to mention.


    I’m seventies student, born to be wild

    underground sounds, flower child;

    unfinished education but this I share:

    extra weight, salt-and-pepper hair.


    Newtown, Newtown, reluctantly parted,

    values ignited, writing kick-started;

    my proxy parents, teachers steered,

    though stern, still loved after years.

    poet, 1972 – rear of photo


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