Hormones Rip Soft Hearts



All monthly petals counted, plucked,

womb waste trickles down hidden duct:

“empty out again”- your uterus instructs.


Awkward circumstance, awful ache,

calendars created for womens sake

  • hundreds of eggs must surely break.




Society censors: body-talk taboo,

even medical men haven’t a clue.

Is moon-shadow really lover to you?


Hormones rip soft hearts to tatters:

temper tantrums, tears easily splatter;

men squeamish over monthly matters.




Women belittled for menses blood clot:

petty persecution, mockery, unhappy lot;

where the teen dreams of Camelot?


Creator-planned, no pathological part,

lovingly moulded such maternal heart;

sex-special this blood, pure from start…



Photos: Yoliztli Ramos www.instagram.com/yi.ramos/?hl=en

Artist statement: Still lifes inspired by menstrual blood. This biological process is often seen as shameful, or disgusting –  but the truth is that in this case, blood represents life, and I think it can be beautiful.


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