i peer upwards

  • I am amazed at space: all the un-numbered planets, their distant wonders, functions and placings. So I wrote this non-scientific poem in awe of the ever-expanding universe. I was living in a light-pollution free rural Irish environment at the time.


    I peer upwards into sunset sky,
    beyond this atmosphere comets fly,
    few seen by my (bespectacled) eyes.

    there’s little light pollution here,
    stars easily seen on midnight clear,
    shepherds don’t need strong torches near.

    far above this rural house i’m minding,
    new stars astronomers keep finding,
    fire-worked beauty far-away, brain-blinding.

    is it true, our universe ever-expanding?
    ‘Let there light’ the creator’s commanding;
    why deep space exists: beyond understanding.

    biblical promise, new heaven and earth,
    second-chance universe, like second birth –
    weighed on sacred scales, what’s your worth?



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