If elephants had angels


  • In the scorched savannah, elephants idly graze,

    Acacias offer umbrellas, very welcome shade;

    see crack-creviced skin shrug off pestering flies,

    Africa-shaped ears flap, wary those ancient eyes.


    Quietly click-closed, the doors of distant jeeps,

    poachers pace patiently: slowly, slyly creep;

    watch: innocent animals meet murderous men:

    ancient beasts get butcher-bludgeoned, yet again.


    Merciless machetes hack, blade-edges worn,

    silently blood witnesses, the majestic tusks torn;

    lying limp, large mammal carcass too late pleads;

    egotistical sex, stupid superstition, erotic greed.


    High priced your libido, so expensive an erection:

    heedless male hedonists strive for sexual perfection;

    mainly Asians make unfortuneate animals pay;

    if elephants have angels, pungently they pray.


    Loved-by-some, large creatures roam and roar,

    engineered not evolved, welll-worth fighting for;

    man and beast created, but not really so equal:

    if this species erased, there will be no sequel…



    image: ‘You Can Buy My Heart and My Soul‘ by Andres Botha andriesbotha.net


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