taking the edge off autumn

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    Night outside the rusty, blue Datsun,
    bucking along uneven bog-roads,
    oncoming headlights dazzle,
    spot-lit dark car interior,
    red-tail lights heel-kicking
    in wing mirrors.

    Scattered distant cottage lights twinkle,
    stars shine from dark country skies.
    Holy illumination lit-up the ramshackle car,
    Word-sparked, petrol flammable fellowship.

    Sentimental and sweet, spiritual songs
    sung out of tune but with tongues of fire,
    all of us electrified with eternity’s energy.
    Onward, off-key these soldiers drove
    hooting the horn in time to the tunes:
    pilgrim travellers, taking the edge off autumn.

    Later, brotherly loved bloomed
    in cottage kitchen: prayer parted lips,
    praise-baptised, heaven-hungry hearts sang;
    guitar-driven gospel songs embroidered infinity,
    ribboned tambourines syncopated rhythms,
    ceili accordian accompanied melodies.

    A kettle merrily steamed on the stove,
    shy children spied, half-hidden behind parents,
    a careful cat gingerly paced bare concrete floor;
    I comically clapped dog paws in time to the tunes.
    Daisy ecstatically grinned, heaven-bound and holy.
    Those cottage walls hugged us tightly,
    we drank strong tea & ate plain biscuits:
    all delighting in the fresh tang of eternity…


    “….were not our hearts burning within us while
    He talked with us on the road….” Luke 24: 32


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