thirty calendared years (a marriage miscellany)


1. Two become one

Worries weigh, imminent marriage decision,
past parental sunder-scars, deep incision;
self-questioning groom, headache nervous,
seated and awaiting start of wedding service;

bride in period-style dress suddenly appears:
flushed beauty bloom, bit-back grateful tears.
Rings exchanged, virginal vows declared,
after banquet, stammer speech almost aired;

nervous intake, then shocked by subtle sound:
bridal hair highlighted, candle flame crowned;
hand-tamped by hero-husband, nerves serrated:
accidently upstaged, trembling lauds truncated.

2. Erotica al fresco

Nervously-naked, tender pendulent bells,
between legs sacred energy sweetly swells;
easily unclasped your compliant private purse,
sown seeds sped deep in discreet universe;
birdsong-seranded our tryst in private woods
pre-ordained passion, proclaimed pure and good.

3. Familia

Lar birth

Grip crushed, tightly held husband’s hand,
sweat soaked, focussed face futilely fanned;
pitiful prayer cannot absorb contraction pain,
birth waters gush, sheet marked, graffitti stain:
primitive animal-pant, movement stirs within,
self-propelled push – let baby’s birth begin!
Thighs hinge, your tendons rack-stretched,
grimace-pained, red-faced, effort etched;
this father’s futile, unstoppable tears,
abruptly a damp, dark haired head appears:
shocked slide-sped arrival with one open eye
– milk suckle soon silenced primal cries.

4. Interruptia


Fruitful breasts leached, vainly, inanely lactated,
heartless the hormone mother-milk activated;
Non certe! – nipples won’t plug puckered lips:
O cruel mock! Observe enlarged aureolea drip;
you ashen exhausted while hero-husband sleeps,
midnight tolls terribly for thee: pray, write and weep…

Baby girl gone, gone, gone – listless limbs held,
pointless any heart-plead, dumb tears welled;
unsure guarantee: hapless, harsh-natured womb,
dainty daffodils scent death’s unwelcome perfume;
anchored in eternity, faith-carved resurrection text,
slightly tempered, certainties somewhat circumspect.

5. Forbidden fruit

Tiresome-long this supermarket queue,
I-spy-with-wandering-eye her tanned hue,
sumptuous her serpent bracelet glowing,
teasing, coy camisole strap showing,
luscious dark, tentacle curls, kiss-cute
blessed rule plainly states: forbidden fruit.

6. Parental void

Wearily we blink – our lads suddenly catapult:
limbs lengthen, voices deepen, definitely adult;
gone endless anger, concluded dreaded disputes,
goals attained, parental smiles affirm their attributes;
hopes for happy lads: deeply rooted, gainfully employed,
challenging their abscence, awkward the unfilled void…

7. Climacteric

Now no moon-dictated, mystical monthly tide,
ovaries unemployed, fecundity finally denied;
pleasure easily afforded, decadent, unprotected,
female abacus finished, schedules uninspected;
stiffening mid-life limbs dance with such ease,
leisurely, life partners plan new ways to please.

8. Time and tide

Stubborn the gold bands stuck on fourth fingers
even if kisses now have less cause to linger;
resigned the springs, sagging matrimonial bed,
couplets and descant duets muted, far from dead;

thirty calendared-years turned, little left to hide,
our spirit level checked, alterations late-applied.
Succor-blessed by such warm, uxorial breasts,
enduring patent pedges, now poetically expressed;

waterbottle-snug, feather-bedded cuddle conclave,
curves caligraphically caressed; by covenant saved;
what’s been longed and lost, loved and learned?
Truth will out: time and tide have turned…




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