this house hope hungry

  • 1526_57251d12426da8.93622186-big

    entrance through open, rusty large gates,
    car wheels on stoney road leave trail;
    old glass abstractly gazes on reduced estate;
    half-loaded, tall stone ship with slackened sails.

    uniformed formal portraits, uncles in dining room,
    glass-negative relatives, un-curated and dusty,
    their Victorian gaze privIledged and presumed:
    faultless starched fashion, cut-glass diction fusty.

    basement windows curtained by cobweb threads,
    random domestic detritus awaiting decision:
    in contrast to first floor four-poster beds,
    staircase paintings, executed with precision.

    sabbath-still ponds invaded by unwelcome weeds,
    blossom blesses branches on small wooded hill;
    this house hope-hungry, on future promise feeds:
    warmth invades impassive antiquarian chill.

    photo: Dora Kazmierak


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