What Fate Awaits Me?

  •  I had the opportunity to spend seventy solo days in an Irish rural location. One day I took my photographer friend to a livestock mart in that area. watching all the sheep get pushed into pens, then sales rings, then large cattle trucks, I began to consider what their eventual fate will be…


    What fate awaits in co-op mart?

    Do girly gazes melt many hearts;

    dark droppings, damp urine dribble,

    concrete underfoot, no grass to nibble.


    Loudspeaker echo, auctioneer’s voice,

    pushed into pens without a choice;

    no fresh field smell, missed open air,

    absent now tender breeder care…


    Push-bundled into trailer cramped,

    crumpled papers signed, stamped,

    transported next to certain slaughter,

    brain bolt aimed, farewell “still water”.


    Silent now, no plaintive bleat

    very still now, once sturdy feet;

    lamb cutlets in butcher displays

    artfully arranged on metal trays;



    photos: Dora Kazmierak  https://www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/

    interview with Dora Kazmierak  www.thatsfarming.com/news/dora-kazmierak





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