why let lives be gender ruled

  • 1526_570fc90f1c1195.27465852-big

    why let lives be gender ruled,
    rigid ruled and sexist schooled?
    why be stereotyped and dull;
    watch male fat fingers pull
    needled thread, poked through
    button holes and winter gloves too;
    I adopted supposed-female fixing,
    not for me typical gender nixing.

    my boys taught to knit and sew,
    create homemade cakes from dough,
    they even can do gourmet cooking
    (btw – neither boy bad looking) –
    my wife better at hammering nails,
    at sawing straight, I miserably fail
    – she is so much better than I, at DIY;
    neural wires crossed, don’t know why…


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