Wintry Rural Bike Ride

sunday cycle


Pedals purposefully pushed, cog-ratchets crisply click,

balloon bike-tyres on bumpy roads hum quick;

tractor-treads decorate malleable verge edges,

cycle-saddle height affords views over hedges.


Road-surface shows little sign of bovine splat,

absent wheel-crushed papier-mache cow pats;

primal-perfumed scenes, distinct rural aroma:

slurry-pong permeates this suburban persona.


Country quiet broken, machinery driven along:

tractors trundle past, obscuring birdsong;

uplifted loader buckets, or shiny bale impalers,

dripping slurry tanks, clattering rattling trailers.


Turf smoke tenuously tints, scents landscapes,

fields winter-flooded, few manage escape;

grass declines growth, water-logged the earth:

seed to be sown, ewes soon to give birth.


Farmers and fields: ancient that land-linkage,

each auction payment shows further shrinkage;

mart only meeting place, small shops long-closed,

sheepdogs unemployed, paws cushion wet nose.


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