squinting as she captures shots

Dora and i attended the same Photoshop night class in Blackrock, Dublin, in 2015. months after i dropped out of that class, i bumped into her in a local cafe. when i heard the story, of how she “borrowed” samples of other people’s plants for props, i knew that i had found a kindred spirit. we have become active collaborators on many projects over the past nine months.



Dora wanders after dark
plucking plants just for a lark,
tip-toeing into private places,
Dora leaves no tell-tale traces.

Seeking out appropriate props,
boundless energy, never stops;
subtle changes, altered poses,
Dora considers, Dora composes.

Flora-crowned, passionate Pole,
peering intensely, heart and soul,
squinting as she captures shots,
giving fully all she’s got.

Dora inspires, Dora delights,
inquisitive eyes, brown and bright,
body bending in awkward angles,
bronze hair shines, all a-tangle.

No dull day, no bored nights,
luminous her love of light,
such expertise, prism precision
– who can argue her final decision?

her photos ooze my very essence:
lyrical such luminescence;
we are a team – but who can tell
– is she the ringer, am i the bell?


dedicated to, and inspired by Dora Kazmierak,
an enthusiastic, passionate and artistic photographer



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