A sunny Saturday kicks off

i really enjoyed this crazy photo shoot, to accompany my poem. Dora Kazmierak and i concocted it on the fly. originally Dora wanted us to find a frog in the pond but that didn’t happen. how Dora managed to captured a very busy Jack-the-Lad is beyond me.

Dora Kazmierak  https://www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/

  • 1526_5603f8efb5e211.80834661-big

    sunny this saturday, kicking-off my weekend
    – where will i go, who will i spend
    it with? will i pick flowers, arrange
    them in bottles? will i spend small change
    at the old bookshop in Blackrock?
    will i admire bright coloured summer frocks
    on giggling gangs of teenage girls?
    or, drive to where sprung nature unfurls
    many fertile flags, birds sing hidden,
    streams silvering, tall horses ably ridden.

    will i write another poem, read another book?
    turn to Tumblr, take an aesthetic look?
    will i laud happy hope, note deep despair?
    will i lovingly listen, take time to truly care?
    will i look for half-hidden facial clues,
    will i take a compassionate cue?
    will i smile at strangers, pat passing dogs,
    be careful not to step on lazy garden frogs?
    so many choices, such rich rewards this life:
    creative chaos framed by longsuffering wife….


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