ageing skin slightly loose

1526_561af6dce8ef67.82753228-bigthis poem was written in a nuanced response to many Photoshopped “perfect” images that are posted on Twitter. life is just not like that.


black-white photos show light and shade,

to stroke such skin, flawless and smoothe,

i could kiss that firm flesh, carefully-made,

if I could dance, stiff limbs would move.


why not post pictures of yourself instead?

are you self-concsious, spotty, eyes puffy?

don’t you look sexy un-burnished in bed?

not photoshop sleek, perhaps a bit scruffy?


  • i’m skew-ways, over my wanted-weight,
    hair half-grey, ageing skin slightly loose;
    foolish the fish tempted such tasteless bait:
    introverted, bookish, a sometime-recluse.

    we all fall for ideal, so willingly fooled,
    only snatches seen, long lost God’s garden;
    sin stains souls, bodies wrong-schooled:
    hunger never satiated, He holds our pardon.

    photo: Dora Kazmierak


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