For over fifty years, since 1964, I have been cycling a variety of bicycles: regular hand-me-down two-wheelers, a home-made chopper, racing bikes, sit-up-and-beg three-gear, US cruiser bikes and now a Dutch-style bike with eight gears. I have long cycled in suburbs, cities and rural settings.



  • Pushing pedals in lowest gears:
    no delay till weather clears,
    breeze blown biking, slightly unwise,
    badly blurred bespectacled eyes.

    Eight gears replace previous three,
    I’m jetsam trashed on storm tossed sea,
    should i sensibly walk, perhaps wait –
    when last did this cyclist hesitate?

    Doomed Don Quixote determination,
    all-weather-cylist, noble vocation,
    stubbornly propelled, fat tires roll:
    onward, upward, homeward goal!

    Sweat from muscular strain required,
    Hemmings in hipster clothing attired;
    jacket collar up, zips tight-fastened,
    much preferred non-lycra fashion!

    For fifty years my feet pushed pedals,
    not macho fast, I don’t seek medals –
    oft cycling into North Wind blowing,
    see long red scarf jet-stream flowing!




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