Beethoven’s Battered Broadwood

Beethoven was a very passionate composer and often wrecked his pianos when giving dramatic renditions of his latest compositions.



Godless, greedy, fate grabbed by throat,

your startled listeners sobbed, dabbed tears;

Broadwood battered, storm-tossed boat,

splintered frame, strings broken, ears

aurally assaulted, anarchic piano-notes

boom-bullied, then whispered intentions,

violently wild, kicked down conventions,

selfish, self-righteous rebel, ill-at-ease

with patronising salon niceties.


Quack doctors consulted, no cure

for deafness, almost a death-sentence,

incurable curse for composer to endure;

suicide considered, then repentance

won the day, destiny concrete-sure,

humanist philosopher until early death

during thunderstorm of some depth,

rage brought on relapse, still you fought,

clenched fist defied what blood had bought.


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