blow whistles, blow!

  • for two years i lived in Mountmellick, Co. Laois. occasionally i would revisit family in Dublin and would have to take a train from Portarlington, Co. Laois. i enjoyed looking out the window at the farms, canals and fields.


    Creaking carriages – stuttering slow!
    children wave and off we go;
    speed blurs their innocent smiles,
    flashing by, staion chequered tiles,
    laughing sunlight sings for miles.

    Squat cottages – you smile so!
    good things those small plots grow,
    guarded by slap-dash lean to‘s:
    mismatched timber, weathered hues
    held with rusty nails or screws.

    Shuttling, shouting – engines go!
    pistons in tandem, not solo,
    engines applaud, shunting sun,
    rail pilgrimage long distance begun
    – blessings hauled, by the ton

    The rural station shouts – hello!
    energetic engines start to slow;
    wind on face, smell burnt peat,
    Odlum oats in air smell sweet,
    lonely cows moan, silly sheep bleat.

    Workers shout – train to go!
    giddy swallows glide down low,
    they don’t have a single care
    – I stand, I smile, I stare –
    is that manure scenting the air…?


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