The supper dance, the supper dance!

  • At Newtown co-ed boarding school, the Supper Dance was the most important social highlight of the term. Fourth formers were given the opportunity to decorate the old gym and deejay the song set. I left in Third form and so missed both those opportunities…


    The supper dance, the supper dance!

    the one day that i got a chance

    to shine at co-ed boarding school,

    for once this dunce was almost cool.


    Colour-clueless boys acted nice,

    sorely needed sartorial advice;

    dullard dressers, more than few,

    trusted eye, style-critical nous.


    Couples queued at old gym doors,

    soles slip-tested soap-flaked floors;

    Fourth Formers chose the grooves,

    my fallible feet made foolish moves.


    Balloons floated in fishing nets above,

    Motown melodies, sweet puppy love;

    disco-ball sparkled dark large room,

    seventies songs, speaker stack boom.


    Emotional excitement, girly glamour;

    hammering heart, request stammer,

    risk of rejection, grasped slight chance,

    satisfied smiles, slow number dance.


    Rainbow strobe, bright teenage eyes:

    naieve hopes, romanced realised;

    luxury supper half way through,

    dark-corner couples stole a kiss or two.


    Hopeful hearts possibly broken,

    prized sweet words, romance-token;

    lights-on time, concluded the date,

    will beauty bloom or balloon deflate?



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