Her Pencil Plan Shows Such Precision

I approached a community cafe, about displaying some of the photos that Dora Kazmeriak shot, to illustrate my booklet of poems, Sunny Saturday. The wall-space curator persuaded me to enlarge the relevant poems to accompany Dora’s block mounted photos.

Dora did all the work of measuring, calculating and hanging the block mounts, and poems. She told me how greatly she was influenced by her engineer-trained father. Her work-ethic and care to get the display mathematically and aesthetically correct left me so grateful, jaw-drop amazed at such scientific skill.

In forty years writing poetry, I have never come across such a helpful and ambitious person, in regards to helping me achieve my writing vision. The below photos are mine but see Dora’s portfolio here:  https://www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/

Louis' Lumia 625_20151004_013

Kind-hearted collaborator, hanging all

our photo-poems on cafe walls;

her pencil-plan shows such precision,

scientific and sharp, spatial decisions,

calculated correctly, critical spacing;

every opportunity for embracing.



Louis' Lumia 625_20151004_021


Poured-out, such artistic passion,

fission-energy she refuses to ration;

hammer, spirit level, under command:

why blessing, her kind creative hands?

Surely, I’m in deeply in her debt,

perfection the repayment rate set.


Louis' Lumia 625_20151004_020

Kindled blessings rarely waiver

deep friendship, such good favour;

my poems want to kickstart hearts,

her photos play important part:

spiritual apertures much admired,

creative our clay, kiln-furnace fired.

Louis' Lumia 625_20151004_026


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