How do flowers bring hope

I have always been fascinated by how flowers trigger emotion, in the hearts and minds of reflective women. This lyrical poem is an attempt to capture those mystical moments…



How do flowers bring hope?

  • How do their silent lips speak?
    What dreams their sweet scents evoke?
    Flowers give strength to the weak.

    See kaleidoscope colour-wheels,
    God-sculpted those petal shapes;
    for most women flowers can heal –
    (flowers free men from tight scrapes!)

    Blooms brighten up all our lives,
    emotion added to important events;
    dumb husbands please patient wives
    with petals, pacifying arguments.

    Flowers, last-minute-bought in shops,
    lovingly grown in nursery gardens;
    Dutch blossoms, huge harvest crops
    hold much hope, offer petal-pardons.

    In my house I’m the flower stylist,
    blossoms liven up our living room,
    flowers bring out my female bias:
    sexist stereotypes I won’t presume…


    illustration: @sarahgalerie

    Sarah Humphrey has been commissioned for her artwork by: The BODY SHOP, McGraw Hill, The Eden Project, etc. She is the first female Scientific and Natural History Illustrator featured on The Wildlife Art Company’s website.


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