Lullaby for Boo-Boo

i decided to give my first born the pet-name Boo-Boo. he used to love having his picture bible being read to him in bed. the innocence of toddlers talking, listening to stories and then drifting to sleep is very endearing.


  • “Boo-Boo’s” battered Bible upturned,
    pages creased by pudgy finger prods;
    middle eastern pictures absorbed, learning
    about heaven’s sure hope, God’s
    creativity; studious chatter as he nods,
    seeking affirmation, parental assent,
    gob-stopper dummy smudging accent.

    “Boo-Boo” drifts now to slumberland,
    soft toy leopard watches and prays,
    earlier hugged by grasping hands;
    muffled metallic music, pots and pans
    being noisily sorted and stored away;
    the oven door opens, baked bread
    aroma ascends stairs to Boo-Boo’s bed.

    “Boo-Boo” drifts on a tide of dreams,
    blond cork-screw curls lap his face,
    blankets whisper lullabies, beams
    from landing-light add poignant grace;
    i quietly pray in this sacred space;
    background choirs sing in minor keys
    – should i best observe on bent knees?


    painting by Joy Elliott, grandmother of “Boo Boo”


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