oh dear, here come tears again

tears and men are a problem, to be honest. i cry far too easily, whether happy or sad. that bothers me, not because i’m a merely man. it bothers me that it happens too frequently…what’s gained? nothing that i can quantify…


oh dear, here come tears again,

dripping down stubbled cheeks;

for males like me, what’s to gain?

i’m sure that i look womanly-weak;

what language does leakage speak?


oh dear, tears so easily triggered,

(women seem to quite impressed

when I admit) – males merely snigger

and ask me where I left my dress;

  • tighten that tap, never confess!


what useful purpose weeping tears?

emotional raindrops readily unnerve;

better wait till the coast is clear

before sobbing; why not conserve

feelings for those that really deserve.


is this really kindly compassion?

is salt-water mere vain venting?

this man-weakness not in fashion;

how about occasionally absenting

naked openness – what’s preventing?


is empathy proven by waste water?

pathetic such snivel, little purpose,

except when burying my baby daughter

– not then happy-sad clown in circus;

inarticulate sounds I have in surplus…


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