Thirty years married: a realist romance

This poem is in two parts; the first part was written when my wife and I were first engaged in 1984. The second part was written on our thirtieth wedding year, 2016. It pits early innocence against some life tensions.


Just married (1985) hanging out washing in the rain, for a joke photo.


Skipping down a forest path,

she’s the one who makes me laugh,

swinging slow her arms & hips,

sowing longing in these lips;

she’s the one that I love,

gifted from the skies above.


Kissing in the darkness sweet,

outside this cupboard, voices, feet;

amorous arms embrace your back,

smiling faces, sun through cracks;

I am speechless & in awe,

sweet that freckled face I saw.


Eating lunch above book shop;

laughing, kissing, couldn’t stop,

sweet figure-of-eight pressing me,

that old sofa sings, blessing me;

my bride-to-be, soon my wife,

God will bless our married life.


Thirty years since have passed,

some days dark, some overcast:

sudden gusts slammed some doors,

mice scrabble under wooden floors,

“summer storms” rattled our roof,

windows proved to be shock-proof.


Now your hair turned gorgeous grey,

our two grown boys have moved away;

recalibration is now required,

new dreams now need to be inspired;

how many years do we each have left,

which the warp and which the weft?


“Marriage is not a place to “stand up for your rights.” Marriage is a decision to serve the other, whether in bed or out.” –  from 1 Corinthians 7


Above two photos taken December 2016

by Dora Kazmierak


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