Poignant song sung half secretly

I love watching women in groups, or in couple friendships, interacting so instinctively and (usually) in sympathy with each other. To be honest, I’m slightly jealous of that kinship. This poem was written observing a gaggle of female college students exit en masse for a lunch break.


Women gather, pulled together by delight,

succulent and sensual in sunshine bright:

O fruitful, fulsome, feminine reactions:

I savour them, satiated with satisfaction.


Watching womens’ eyes widely brighten,

hearing voice-pitch sweetly heighten;

I’m magnetised by such womanly charms:

cheek-kissing, all-encompassing arms.


Speechless, I’m utterly in awe of her,

this poem feebly attempts lauding her:

girlish, graceful and…oh so kissable!

Bright her lily-bloom, utterly unmissable!


I salute her hearty lack of hesitation,

emotions embraced: no explanation

required; open-hearted, bountiful blessing,

sweet perfume scented, smiles impressing.


This poignant song sung half-secretly,

sincere this serenade, broadcast discreetly;

romance-revived, Eve allure well-known:

easily lured but for covenant cornerstone…


image: ‘I tried to draw my soul but all I could think of was flowers..’
Kate Powell https://society6.com/katepowell


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