Tra na Rossan transfiguration

Katya Zhu, my Russian friend and illustrator, told me that she had some kind of emotional awakening at Tra na Rossan, on the cusp of her teenage years. I was simply gobsmacked, as it was a picture of Tra na Rossan bay that initially brought my parents to Ireland in 1950. the symmetry was incredible!



standing under northwestern night skies

watch them expand before your eyes

“speak hope, ancient starfields”, you cried


you lay listening to distant seas

your childhood recalled held that key

smell salty tears on the summer breeze


the Donegal dream nudged you awake

you wandered that lovely, lonely landscape

you rambled the meadows quilted moasic


nature played an emotional overture

overloaded bees flew steadily unsure

larksong tumbled – so clear, so pure


sunrise skies burned incense gold

Tran na Rossan Bay you happily strolled

that sacred strand where dreams unfold


heart transfigured, refreshed, refined

hope spoke when fate finally resigned

waves cantered to the welcoming shorelines



Same poem in video-short with multiple illustrations by Katya Zhu and music by Adrian Snell


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