will we welcome white Advent snow?


will we welcome white Advent snow?

will true hope beckon beyond the glow?

will any sweet chariot swing down low?


will glittery baubles decorate pine trees?

will carefully chosen presents please?

will foreclosed families unhappily freeze?


children act out stories in long bathrobes,

vigilant angels sent to seek and probe,

stumbling nomads seek stars or strobes.


will street carolling choirs sweetly sing?

will candles flicker, will church bells ring

but will open hearts hug kindly King?


enter unlovely lives, lighten cursed dark,

bless with bitter-sweet saving mark,

haul shipwrecked heirs into heavenly ark.


deep-silted lives, shrivelled our veins,

deliberate and accidental our life-stains,

saving quest recalled: hope come again.


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