hapless, hopeless heroes

i have long been a autodidactic student of gender roles in modern life. this poem makes comment on men’s inability to see life through the feminine prism.


  • we males: hopeless, hapless heroes,
    add-up all our inadequacies: zeros;
    such unformed, one-dimensional men,
    seeking meaningless medals, once again.

    we men: not alert to dynamic nuances;
    arrogant, dismissive of womanly influences,
    we tarnish obvious treasures you’ve got,
    supposed-strength deemed our best shot.

    spare-rib sculpture, God formed feminine
    in the garden, perfect place, still we pine;
    Adam blames Eve as he swallows fruit:
    women demonised, men’s hypocrisy acute.

    value women’s challenge, spirited hearts,
    embroider our pathetic spartan parts;
    winsome wonders, don’t dare apologise,
    paint emotion in our hard-hearted eyes.

    you’re stuck with us egotists, one and all,
    hey! watch us idiots show-off, prat-fall;
    men, lay down life, Christ commanded;
    women, help us be more even-handed….


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