somewhere better beckons you

  • this poem started off from an off-the-cuff comment in an email from a female friend of mine. i had been trying to help her grasp the reality of eternity, the hope of heaven. it is based on the early Irish myth of Tir na n’Og.

    ‘ Oisin grew into a very brave warrior. He lived answering the needs of the people by doing good deeds. He was content in what he did and couldn’t imagine another way of life.

    One morning in Summer, out of the mist, came a beautiful young woman, riding a snow white horse.
  She invited Oisin to travel with her to Tir-na-n-og, the land of youth. She promised him all his hearts desires including that he would never grow old.

    Oisin climbed on the white horse and off they went, over bog and mountain until they came to the sea and after a long journey they reached Tir-na-n-Og’.



    refuse to age – never grow old!
    ride snow-white horse to Tir na N’Og,
    this island warm, it’s never cold;
    timeless truth, mythic tale told.

    hop on quick, come with me,
    we’ll gallop across the glassy sea;
    we won’t get lost, though misty,
    horse-footing sure, just trust me.

    hold on tight, i grip horse reins,
    travel to where there is no pain,
    wear white robes that cannot stain
    – nothing to lose and all to gain…

    ancient tale offering Celtic clues,
    somewhere better beckons you:
    hungry for heaven, can you refuse
    this holy hope, good and true?

    homeward, most hurt hearts turn,
    a new language we must learn:
    He freely gives – you cannot earn,
    only fools such love would spurn.

    High King offers timeless wine,
    we the branches, He the vine,
    embrace the unsightly, sacred sign,
    let all anarchic inclination re-align.


    Illustration by




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