twice the groom struck dumb

weddings can be nerve wracking affairs for both groom and bride, and their respective families. unusual events occur, especially when top table candles add a bit of romance and a lot of drama…


  • mere seconds before my ill-prepared speech,
    nervous, no page-prompts within reach,
    photographer unheard, shouted-out alarm:
    flames crowned bridal hair, threatened harm.

    benign conversations continued animated,
    hero-husband hand-tamped flames, agitated,
    bridal party breathed benign sigh of relief:
    hospital not needed, nor wedding night grief.

    to her eccentric regret, no photo taken,
    such surreal scene left me quite shaken,
    speech radically reduced, near shredded,
    upstaged after mere hours of being wedded.

    how do you follow an act like that? i asked,
    that was my speech, some were aghast
    but you were unfazed, calm and collected,
    sensational, the punch-line unexpected.

    many hairpins extracted, unloosed bridal hair,
    coiffure cascaded down, pale shoulders bare,
    it pooled on pillows: naked now we swum:
    second time that wedding day struck dumb….


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