snuggle comfort is what i pine

for a poet, bus travel offers lots of ideas for poems. this poem started off when i found myself sitting behind a pretty passenger. the young woman was restless and kept flicking her pony-tail, which distracted me from my book. i started a word-sketch of her on my phone, which turned into this reverie.

kiss couple love



i’m upstairs on the bus from town,

I spy tilted head, focussed frown,

she swings her girlish ponytail,

dangling earrings didn’t fail

to draw attention, exquisite ears,

high cheek-boned smile endeared,

ensemble easily commandeered.


young beauty easily distracts

but my book is full of facts,

now clip clop heels cause alert,

– is subtle gaze secret flirt?

she descends bus stairs –

casual, early-twenties airs,

middle aged men shouldn’t stare.


on the pavement young man scans,

she tenderly tip-toe stands,

her lucky boyfriend smiles,

she kisses him, ardent style,

blond hair in streetlight shines

rapturous faces attempt to align;

such snuggle comfort is what I pine.




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