Ballad of Jack-the-Lad (rescue dog)

it was while working in Carraig Books that I first met Jack-the-Lad. a woman found him lost in the area. she was getting posters made in Blackrock Printers (rear of bookshop). i went outside to say hello to the friendly fellow. my wife and animal-centric son heard about this meeting, then insisted on seeing him. when the woman who rescued Jack heard we shared the same vet (for my son’s pet rats) she said if no one claimed him we could….that was about nine years ago…..


  • Jack wears a rough, russety coat,
    he sports a dandy corkscrew tail,
    he is a rogue among the rascals,
    he gets a smile without fail.

    Jack’s got funny, furry ears
    they tweak at every sound,
    his damp inquisitive nose
    constantly hoovers the ground

    Jack’s always on the go,
    urgent paws, pitter patter,
    chasing anything: whatever –
    it just doesn’t matter….

    hide and seek behind a hedge,
    tail-wagging, waiting for the throw,
    racing after anything that moves
    – Jack’s brain forgot to grow!

    Most people call him Jack
    but I call him Jack-the-Lad,
    he trots with constant grin
    seldom he looks sad

    Jack loves all the little children
    red, yellow, black or white
    he’ll play with absolutely anyone,
    all are precious in his sight

    Did he run or was he dumped?
    Is someone missing Jack?
    I dare not pursue this question
    I cannot hand him back.

    I thank my Maker for Jack-the-Lad
    Jack was last to board the Ark,
    Jack brings special blessing
    his life lights up unwanted dark.


    photo: Dora Kazmierak


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