meadow-blessed blue skies

I saw this previously unattributed image on Twitter and fell in love with its abundant, feminine, floral simplicity. I kept on looking at the image in wonder. Slowly a creative erotic vision evolved. I hope my poem almost equals this wonderful painting.



sun-warmed skin celebrates

urging secreted sap to rise:

idyllic scenes, eyes dilate,

meadow-blessed blue skies.

floral scent triggers desire,

passionate pistel perfume;

two song-birds imitate choir,

butterfly embroidered bedroom.

desire’s memory enhanced,

honey-sweet stamens smell;

Edenic invitation entranced,

blood vessels secretly swell.

romantic garden recollections

dream-released: drowsy, slowly;

colour riot, neural connections:

unzipped hunger, almost holy.

pulsing plough, gently pushing,

seed sown in fertile earth,

skin surface shyly blushing,

filled humid feminine firth.

best wedding wine served last,

much savoured in older age,

in gold our bands were cast:

Maker takes centre stage.


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