home at last

head arm-rests on kitchen table,
sweet sleepy head unfolds book fable:
long journey on a bottled boat,
wind in air, warm wrapped in coat;
sea birds follow foam churn trail,
prow ploughs ocean, wind prevails.

fruit for journey in basket of wicker,
obscuring fog suddenly falls thicker,
clouding out all forward vision,
cold air concludes decision
to dash back in through doors,
feet unsure on rolling floors.

children chase, feet trips on toy,
unwanted offers, screech tannoy,
many conversations, seats all taken,
wafting scent of beans and bacon;
where to sit and what to do,
in my bag a book or two.

let me see what best to read
rich words reward, romance feeds:
drowned out all thump and thudder,
direction change, turned the rudder,
soon horns in harbour blows;
gangplank clank, doors open slow.

quick footfall, covered descent,
salty strong the maritime scent –
pass security (not stopped this time)
nothing to declare but rhyme;
who awaits with wide embrace:
home at last, holy place….HOME AT LAST


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