Jack goes on garden inspection

All who know about, or who have personally met Jack, love his crazy character, his little games, his manic chasing of any thrown object. Name it, Jack will chase it: ball, stick, fox, squirrel… leaf! Unfortunately age seems to be catching up on this loveable rescue dog and his leg ligaments are suffering wear and tear…

photo: Dora Kazmierak  https://www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/




Jack goes on garden inspection,

down pebble paths, over dewy grass,

forensic- deep his scent detection:

no enemies this sentry will let pass.


invisible graffiti liberally sprayed

on damp plants randomly scattered,

any animals that stupidly stray

lucky fur coats escape untattered.


if enemies breach Jack’s borders

canine teeth bared for battle blood,

re-established territorial order,

intruder speed better be good.


unwise cats sometime come calling,

sly foxes amble with sheer cheek,

Jack  acceleration knows no stalling,

swear words he knows how to speak.


lately this ageing terrier confined,

leg ligaments damaged from chasing,

brown eyes plead but body resigned

– the odds are on: no more racing.


how will tenacious terrier cope?

is throw-chase pursuit now past?

often tree-tied, unwelcome rope:

age-changed, un-typical typecast…


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