Don’t be coward

  • “We begin the day with bread; we end it with wine. We can bake bread in a few hours; wine takes years of cultivation, preparation, aging. Personal profit is good, but we don’t thrive if we eat and drink alone. Everything we make is a loaf, formed to be broken, distributed, shared….” – PETER LEITHART


    artist: Mahmoud Qoqyan


    His broken body lit faith’s fuse,

    paper-thin faith he won’t refuse;

    if feeble prayer or faith cold

    stray sheep welcom back to fold.


    Swallowed slow, broken bread –

    priestly blessing whisper-said;

    small portion hard to swallow:

    forgiveness today, not tomorrow.


    Chalice lifted to hesitant lips,

    cup slanted slightly, salvation sip;

    holy his hands, brutally crux-nailed,

    wine-warmed sinner, freed not bailed.


    Biblical blood holds healing power:

    don’t be coward, no need to cower;

    slate wiped clean, not slave to sin:

    welcome feast – let life begin!

    What you must solemnly realise is that every time you eat this bread
    and every time you drink this cup, you reenact in your words and actions
    the death of the Master – 1 Corinthians 11: 26


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