under leaf-chiming trees

When I saw this painting on Twitter I just knew that I had to try and compliment it with a poem. How many of us would just love to walk into a picture and be part of such elegiac scenes. Early marriage al fresco eroticism remembered…

Frederick C. Frieseke

lazily you lie, so sensual, at ease,

naturally nude, under leaf-chiming trees:

shadow-kissed shapes, eyes that please.


dappled skin sings – rest royal fawn,

let me lay beside you, on blanketed lawn,

love-poem rhymes, deliberately drawn.


siesta slumber, tipsy humid heat,

hands hug warm hips, limbs lazily pleat:

longing kisses linger, soft and sweet.


later garden cools, temperature falls,

birds atop tall trees, evensong calls,

reluctantly we clothe, even so we stall…


painting: Nude in Dappled Sunlight, 1915 by Frederick C. Frieseke  American Impressionist  expatriate in France. An influential member of the Giverny art colony, his paintings often concentrated on various effects of dappled sunlight. He is especially known for painting female subjects, both indoors and out.


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