stray hairs end up everywhere

Dora’s captivating photos inspire poem after poem. i’m grateful…I’ve lost count of how many poems have evolved from her emotional evocations by this stage…

photos by Dora Kazmierak


As dogs go Jack’s a darling dote

Luke kindly combs his wiry coat,

brushed hair hovers, haloes float:

slo-mo parachutes, falling motes.

stray hairs end up everywhere,

fluff sentries line all steps of stair,

hatch-marks added to all armchairs:

generously giving, plenty spare.

his friendly face so foxy hued,

rich ginger pointy ears protrude,

his body Reynard-hint imbued:

canine mammal though, not a pseud.

long after his presence has passed,

hair hints will linger, thick and fast,

filament fellowship merrily amassed:

found fluff-cotton into odd corners cast…

DSC_5887 copy


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