fifth household member

Without known cause, Jack suddenly started “talking”, after an almost mute nine years living with us. What brought that on? Who knows? Jack’s unusual and eccentric characteristics are laws unto themselves. It’s almost like he wants to express his opinion, from underneath the dining table, on whatever subject is under discussion…what a funny dog!

photos by Dora Kazmierak



Out of blue Jack started talking,

lazily growling pertinent views:

wishes expressed: about walking,

or – “quiet please, thank you”

Jack isn’t shy about remarking,

primal urges: seen and heard,

beseeching but never barking,

eloquent eyes, not just words.

good-natured grumble understated,

family members much impressed,

canine requests go un-debated,

nose nudge completes his quest.

fifth member of household,

faithfully following, to and fro –

patiently trots, does what’s told,

terrier smiles say good-to-go.



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