Mother Courage

  • The humiliation of motherhood is hypocritical. Where would we be without their nurturing? It comes often at high cost and sacrifice to themselves. Their hearts are hard-wired to give…and give….and give


    Wailing babies crave mother’s milk,
    maternal reflexes respond readily,
    nipples plug pouting lips, suck steadily;

    full breast offers soft pillowed silk.


    Discreet exposure in public places,
    fulsome food comes at a price:
    condemning looks, flushed faces;

    proxy aunts provide unasked advice.


    Mothers mocked for expressing,
    humiliated by such social scorn;
    those who withhold a blessing

    are silent about billboard porn…


    image:’Mother Courage’ by Ricky Mujica

    Ricky aligns himself with the Post Contemporary Art Movement
    (PoCo) and its aesthetic of “Skill, Creativity, and Empathy”.

    “I’m concerned with the human condition. With joy and pain,
    with love and hate, with life and death. I want to care
    about what I’m painting and about the people I paint”.


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