“….what injustice shall we next upend…”

Inspiring men, who believed in biblical justice, applied it to their own lives, and established righteous laws. William Wilberforce doggedly presented his bill to abolish slavery over 18 years, finally succeeding in 1807.


Brazen slavers cracked lead-tipped whips,

split black skin in tight-packed ships,

Western passage, hope’s eclipse.

Rhythmic chants in cruel cotton-fields;

no angels saved with swords and shields:

slaves branded by bastards, raped to yield.

Albion’s law, the investors reward,

cruelty contested in House of Lords:

thirty years until freedom accord.

Lobbyists pulled political strings:

saviours mocked by barbs and stings –

scroll of signatures caused slaves to sing.

Parliament ended this laissez faire

hard men wept at answered prayer;

then friendly snowball fights in wintry air.

Jubilee justice those men celebrated,

brave such souls, biblically educated

halted all such un-human hatred.


Wilberforce—dubbed “the prime minister of a cabinet of philanthropists”—was at one time active in support of 69 philanthropic causes. He gave away one-quarter of his annual income to the poor. He fought on behalf of slaves, chimney sweeps, single mothers, Sunday schools, orphans, juvenile delinquents and more…


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