I’m drunk on mere words


  • I’m drunk on words, not fermented vine,

    I whip into order stanza spilling lines

    – drink enjoyed, halt at glass or two,

    inspiration harried before bidding adieu.


    Words waltz, carousing nouns at play,

    alliterative rhymes, verb-vibrating array;

    rigorous, restless my poetry workshop,

    though bedded, alter-ego doesn’t stop.


    Nocturnal ideas inspire creative chaos:

    Rhyming Dictator, machina ed-deus!

    Dictionaries ransacked, robbed hoard,

    definitions redefined – drunk as a lord!


    Poet not pedant, rhyme-bought rounds,

    battered bon-viveur with crooked crown;

    heroine-wife frequently saves the day,

    forensic corrector, my teeth grind away.


    Cruel critic, other women also take turn,

    verbally conspire – poet’s cheeks burn;

    How they frustrate, picky grammarians!!

    Just try taming this rollicking contrarian!

    image: poet’s wife proof-reading poetry booklet:



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