escapade abandoned



    • prior to firstborn’s initial pram outing,
      new parents imprisoned, severe self-doubting,
      avoiding other mothers, insecure our scouting.

      pram retro model, from Fifties past,
      wooden body large, little baby – ballast,
      cracked white tyres in hard rubber cast.

      perambulator heavy, classic antique,
      leaf spring bounce made peculiar creak,
      seriously bent axel made un-oiled squeak.

      large infant ark carried downstairs,
      infant strapped in by charge d’affaires,
      sleep deprived this amateur parental pair.

      i rock old carriage, in soothing motion –
      but crying starts before exit-door opens,
      journey long-delayed by wailing commotion.

      rock a bye baby falls fast asleep,
      down steps, carriage angle bit steep
      foot-slip near causes humpty-dumpty heap.

      falling motion, baby again wakes,
      such loud wailing this little boy makes
      pinky-plugged lips, outing almost a mistake.

      down suburban path parents pram push,
      wheels veer, scrape boundary wall and bush;
      escapade finally abandoned- why rush?


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