old stones


  • do we really need to pray in special spaces?
    must we kneel down, hide heads and faces?
    is such outward show parading of piety?
    does God of pathos care about propriety?

    old stones store scraps of prayers on paper*
    will wailing change sentiment’s vain vapor?
    who understands God’s deep concern,
    beyond tolling bells and incense burn?

    Stones are ancient but temple curtain torn;
    is belief random, whispered prayers stillborn?
    Fear God but don’t dictate to females
    about whispered prayer and wearing of veils!

    Tradition’s against God’s true intention,
    biblical women defy faith’s convention;
    pronouncement and  erudition
    miss the mark of God’s mercy mission…


    * Over a million notes are placed each year… the notes are collected twice a year and buried on the nearby Mount of Olives.

    The Wailing Wall, by Carl Werner (1808-1894)


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