Mist smudges edges of the old estate



Down dimmed tunnel of broad-leaf boughs,

canopied the walk, much hoof-ploughed;

deciduous decay under sturdy gum boots,

over-head crow dissonance firmly disputes.


I tramp the track, listen to stream giggling,

my dog scent-detects: nose ever niggling,

foxy ears erect:  terrier on full alert,

borders receive repeated canine spurt.


Engine echo-thrum in far distance,

train horn-trill, somewhat insistent;

a jet rips open the early morning skies,

movement in bushes, nature’s shy spies.


Tyre-worn track leads to hill-field gate,

mist smudges edges of this old estate;

Jack seeks guidance, we change direction,

breakfast calls an end to our rural reflection.


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