a rhyming sinner’s song

rhyming sinner

I look in mirror – reflected: mere sinner;

sixty years on, still blundering beginner,

big motor mouth with shrivel-small heart

  • ever thankful for God’s fresh start.


I’m speeding towards heaven or hell

– final destination, only God can tell;

fallible foot stuck on accelerator pedal,

finish line sought, not halo or medal.


crazy things done, stupid words said:

my mind reflects, my face turns red;

multi crises dominate post-mid-life,

married thirty years: two boys, one wife.


I’m neither very rich, nor pitifully poor,

some people left me, some shown the door,

some few still remain faithful friends:

this rhyming sinner attempts amends.


how many years left to make my mark?

will I go gently into death and dark?

will I tackle my selfish sin head on?

will I be celebrated when I’m gone?


photo: Dora Kazmierak  www.instagram.com/dorakazmierak/


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