Old Abandoned Cars

Beached Oldsmobile by Darren Hunt @DHunt78  www.artfinder.com/darren-hunt


Old abandoned cars show some neglect:

rust-scabbed paintwork cracks and peels;

crumbling tyres no longer cinema-squeal

but – Detroit-dinosaurs still evoke respect.


Cracked windows reveal dusty seat sheen,

body shapes sing, fenders refuse to gleam,

fifties fashionable (lost American dream)

  • Hollywood-hope on cinema screens.


Passionate V8 engines grumble-purring,

slippery long bench-seats so ample,

black-top highway, prairie-desert samples,

hubcaps mirror wheels whirring.


Rose-tint reminiscent, American auto past,

restless travel, Kerouac-beat escapades,

milkshakes and hamburgers freshly made:

rearview dollar dreams fade far too fast.


Will passionate mechanics tool-grip plugs

and spark resting engines into ignition?

Will many men go on mechanical mission?

When do driving dreams become a drug?



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