Anglican Affections

St. Paul’s Anglican church Trinity Newfoundland


Anglican affections lord many landscapes,

pigeons perch above carillon boom;

capsized ark its ceiling-strut shape,

gravestone sentries, mossed tombs.


Large bells bless, scarily-suspended,

upturned oversize cups, foundry-cast,

rope-pulled, full swing, toll blended,

sonic pathos, present and past.


Well-known hymns, heartily sung,

organ pipe pattern, poetic praise,

stained-glass scenes, creedal tongues,

God’s granite house flavouring days.


Gospel from brass eagle wings read,

candled hope flickers from altar;

baptism, marriage vows, farewell dead,

readings from Common Prayer Psalter.


Raised pulpit, wisdom words shared,

pew-seated listeners in Sunday best,

prepared prayers weekly declared,

some parishioners bored, others blessed.


Coffee in crowded church hall after,

restless children run unattended;

bared hearts, gossip, shared laughter

and perhaps strangers get befriended?


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