Anglican Affections

St. Paul’s Anglican church Trinity Newfoundland



Upturned ton-weights toll abstract melodies,

suspended bells swing in old apex towers:

sonorous and nostalgic, ancient elegies,

pulled ropes release that majestic power.


Well-known hymns by congregation sung,

biblical and poetic most turns of phrase,

stained-glass glows, biblical banners hung,

God’s granite house aims to anchor our days.


From perched brass eagle the gospel read,

candles flicker on prayer-incensed altar;

all of life blessed by wine and bread,

readings rendered from Anglican Psalter.


From carved pulpit clergy sermons shared,

most congregants in Sunday best,

benedictions, blessings and prayers declared:

some listeners bored, others richly blessed.


Christian life happens mere minutes after:

ear-piercing screams, children chase about,

ones and twos bare hearts, share laughter:

collective their common faith and doubt…

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