Ghostly Images Covered in Dust

GN  example 5 copy 2.jpg


Numerous glass negatives waited,

casually archived on wide windowsill,

old Mount Ievers images reinstated,

the curious photographer thrilled.




Ghostly images all covered in dust:

proud this Georgian mansion stands,

hippo-hipped ladies, large in bust,

dainty parasols held in genteel hands.


GN relatives


Big dogs patiently pull baby heirs,

al fresco picnics and staff standing stiff,

well dressed children pose on stairs:

all these survived any inferno whiff.*




Light through negatives burned,

resurrected an earlier opulence,

life-breath to these long-dead returned:

privileged poses of former occupants.




Carefully copied hundreds of plates,

old occupants curiously observed,

into the night, working hard and late:

big house history now pixel-preserved.




* At least 76 Big Houses are estimated to have been burnt down by the IRA during the Irish War of Independence (1919-1921) – and 199 more during the Civil War that followed.


Mount Ievers photo gallery:

Images shot by

Mount Ievers video-short documentary

Mount Ievers website:


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